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Dry Ice Blasting

76 Gas Station Fire, Dry Ice Clean Up

Yesterday, around 9am, a car crashed into a 76 Station gas pump at the 900 Block of James Street in Seattle. We were called around 3pm that afternoon to come and clean up the fire damage.

The Dangers of Using Bleach to Kill Mold

Bleach is the cleaning product of choice for many people. Its versatility makes it a common ‘go-to’ cleaning product as it is effective for everything from removing stains from clothes to disinfecting counters or baby bottles. But there are times when using bleach is less than ideal, especially when dealing with molds. Using bleach on…

Asbestos: What Homeowners Need to Know

What is asbestos? And how can you determine if you or those you love are in danger of exposure to this harmful substance? A naturally occurring fibrous mineral with an ability to be woven, a resistance to heat and most chemicals, and a capability of withstanding high levels of tension, asbestos has found its way…