In April of this year, we started a 30-day sandblasting project in Marysville, WA. Our crews worked long days – and just about every day – sandblasting the newest location of The Everett Clinic.

We sent out a bid awhile back and hadn’t heard anything. Big projects like these can take time to get through the necessary approval committees, boards, etc. But once they decide to get started, it’s go time!

When we were told the project was approved, we were given two weeks to get in gear. We had other projects going on – Boeing, The Chihuly Exhibit, various apartment complexes – but naturally we made it work.

This 16,000 square foot project was particularly tricky due to the brand new, very expensive, custom windows they had just installed. Several days went into prepping the building, as you can see here. We also did about 2,000 square feet of interior walls (not pictured) which also was intensive in prep and containment partially because there were so many other trades working around us and vice versa.

Our primary goal was to remove the top layer of cream (which included the mold release and some efflorescence) from the concrete, creating a clean, finished look.
Overall, the project was a success. After some additional touch-up, we wrapped up in May, allowing them plenty of time to complete the rest of construction in time for the grand opening on September 4th.

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