Seattle Small Business Emerging Leaders Program
Last month 18 local entrepreneurs, including our very own Kerry Cordes, graduated from the Seattle Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders program!
2017 King County Executive's Small Business Awards (FINALISTS!)
Crystal Soda Blast was honored to be a finalist at the 2017 King County Executive's Small Business Awards! Check out the pictures and video of the event here!
Is Crystal Soda Blast the Right Fit For My Project?
At Crystal Soda Blast, our projects usually involve blasting large immovable objects or buildings. Find out if you project will be a good fit or find options for smaller projects!
Lead Paint Removal Work Practices
Removal is the stripping of the lead containing paint and its elimination from the premises. This is, by far, the most preferred and desirable method since it is the complete and permanent solution to a lead dust problem. However, lead dust removal is also the most costly since it involves technical equipment and stringent worker procedures to ensure safety.
Why Lead Paint is Dangerous
Lead was banned from being used in household paints starting in 1978. This means there’s a lot of houses and commercial spaces that still have lead painted surfaces.
Anatomy of a Soda Blast Professional
Even the smallest soda-blasting job can be hazardous to your health. It is for this reason that all of our blasting specialists at Crystal Soda Blast take great precaution in wearing the proper safety equipment while working. A lack of proper safety equipment can result in health issues including hearing damage, skin burns or eye damage from flying debris and getting small particles sucked in to the lungs.
Why Clean With Soda?
We use a variety of medias to blast with including sand, dry ice, and walnut shells. But why soda? Prior to soda, sand was the main blasting media. Sandblasting, however, is abrasive and erodes the substrate coatings, pitting glass, tearing rubber, plastic and etching metals. Soda blasting can be used wet or dry to remove paint, corrosion, biological contaminants, oil, grease, carbon and many other coatings.
The Tracy House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Have you ever-mixed cement? First, add water to a mixture, stir, pour, and wait for it to set. Sounds simple enough, right? Now, repeat those steps 1,700 times into individual block molds. That is exactly what Seattle couple, Bill and Elizabeth Tracy, did five days a week for a year while constructing their home in Normandy Park, WA in 1956.
When Do I Need a Professional Soda Blaster?
So, how do you know if soda blasting is right for a restoration project at your home or for your business? Here are some tips and examples to help you decide whether a professional soda blaster is right for your surface restoration project.
76 Gas Station Fire, Dry Ice Clean Up
Yesterday, around 9am, a car crashed into a 76 Station gas pump at the 900 Block of James Street in Seattle. We were called around 3pm that afternoon to come and clean up the fire damage.
Does My House Have Lead Paint?
You’ve probably heard that lead paint can be a dangerous thing. And you’ve probably also heard that you should “check” or “test” the type of paint used on your home. But what do these things really mean, and what can you do about them?
2011 vs 2012: Construction Spending in the U.S. [Infographic]
Last month, Final 2012 construction spending numbers were released by the US Census Bureau in their January 2013 Press Release. This graphic illustrates some of the comparisons in public, private, and total construction spending from 2011 to 2012.
You're Invited to Our Open House! [New Date - 3/12/13]
We'll be hosting a drop-in open house with a catered luncheon on March 12, 2013 from 11:00am to 1:00pm to reveal our new offices. So, mark it on your calendars! We recently expanded into our new offices in Kent, WA. We were previously located in Bellevue, WA but outgrew our space and found a 10,000 square foot office/yard space in Kent.
When Do I Need a Professional Sandblaster?
If you’re looking to refinish a concrete floor, clean the soot off your fireplace, or just want to remove layers of paint from a hard surface, you’re probably wondering if it’s time to call in a professional. Anytime you have a large surface area or are dealing with potentially hazardous materials, at the very least, you’ll want to consult with a professional for information.
The Everett Clinic Project – Marysville, WA
In April of this year, we started a 30-day architectural sandblasting project in Marysville, WA. Our crews worked long days – and just about every day – sandblasting the newest location of The Everett Clinic.
DIY Sandblasting...The Safe Way
Do you have a small project that needs blasting? Here are some tips for doing your own sandblasting as well as a list of local resources. If you have a movable item to blast such as a car or small boat, we recommend taking it to one of these local blast booths.
The Dangers of Using Bleach to Kill Mold
Bleach is the cleaning product of choice for many people. Its versatility makes it a common ‘go-to’ cleaning product as it is effective for everything from removing stains from clothes to disinfecting counters or baby bottles. But there are times when using bleach is less than ideal, especially when dealing with molds.
Asbestos: What Homeowners Need to Know
What is asbestos? And how can you determine if you or those you love are in danger of exposure to this harmful substance? Exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing lung disease, as breathing in airborne asbestos causes asbestos fibers to embed in lung tissue.
Construction Spending in the U.S. [Infographic] September 2011
At Crystal Soda Blast, we continually monitor the performance of the construction industry and look for trends that help us better understand the overall picture. This infographic shows some of the trends that we’ve noticed in the past few months.
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