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Before and After Residential Shot Blasting Project in Bellevue WA

Bellevue, WA - Residential

This is a before and after of a coating removal (heavy grinding) project we did in Bellevue. Regularly, condo owners will remove and reapply coating on their deck to prevent leaking, staining, and other damage to their outdoor area.

Residential Sandblasting - Kenmore, WA - Bastyr College

Kenmore, WA - Bastyr College

This is a concrete sandblasting project at Bastyr College in St. Edwards Park in Kenmore, WA. We did courtyards and sidewalks like this throughout the campus. In the picture below we are halfway done with the area. Notice how even the blast area is.


Tukwila Before and After


Tukwila, WA - Southcenter

The traffic coating of a parking structure at the Southcenter mall was peeling off. We used shot blasters, scrapers and grinders to prep the 120,000' concrete surface for a new traffic coating. To avoid disrupting business, we typically worked nights from 1:00am to 10:00am over the course of about 6 weeks while working closely with the coaters.

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