Scarifying is another part of the shot-blasting and surface preparation process that uses high-speed, rotating metal or carbide disks. Scarifyers are typically used for repairing common slab problems, for example: curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, trowel marks, damage due to weather, and other similar types of damage. Scarifying removes concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders or shot blasters due to the pummeling action of the multi-tipped carbide or steel wheels that rotate at high speed.


Scarifying can also be used to remove oil and other contaminants, as well as heavy coatings (up to 1" thick) or paint (traffic lines, for example). Other uses for scarifying include: smoothing uneven surfaces or cutting safety grooves in ramps and walkways. Scarifying can help attain an appropriate surface profile that is critical to a long lasting coating job.


Scarifying can be used for:


  • Removal of epoxy coatings, traffic lines, paint
  • Removal of glues and adhesives
  • Level trip hazards and uneven hard surfaces
  • Putting grooves in walkways to prevent slipping
  • Repair slab problems such as high spots and damage due to weather


Here are some examples of scarifying:

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